Book Review: Truth’s Victory Over Error

A reprint of David Dickson’s commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF).
Hardcover, 219 pages; AUS$28.00 (Dec 2002)
Published by Presbyterian’s Armoury Publications
PO Box 37 Legana Tas. 7277 Australia.

“Truth’s Victory Over Error” is David Dickson’s commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF). David Dickson lived from 1583 to 1663, and was, as most will be aware, a Scottish minister and theologian. His life spanned the meeting of the Westminster Assembly, and it reception by the Church of Scotland, and he co-authored (together with James Durham) “The Sum Of Saving Knowledge” which is found in the back of the Free Presbyterian publication of the WCF most of us use.

Dickson’s commentary on the confession is the fruit of his lectures to students for the ministry, as Professor of Divinity at Glasgow and later Edinburgh. This book has the distinction of being the first commentary on the Confession. This fact gives it a special significance for us, for it represents the instruction on confessional Presbyterianism in its clear and undiluted integrity. As such this book is a must for all the office-bearers and serious minded members of the EPC, for we are vitally concerned with being faithful to the heritage the Lord has given us.

Book Review: Modern Moderate Calvinism

An Outline of the Principles Involved

Let it be first appreciated that sincere and good men do grievously err concerning the truth, even men of great talent, ability and learning, yet we do not malign them nor intend disrespect in opposing them, nor ought we to shrink from the exposure and shunning of their errors.

The Scripture has exhorted us that, “ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3). Such is the warrant and purpose of this exposure, which is to demonstrate the difference between orthodox Calvinism, and that which is accurately termed modified or moderated Calvinism. During the last one hundred and fifty years it has also been called modern Calvinism, even by some of its proponents.

Book Review: “Jesus Christ King Of The Church”

The James Begg Society have reprinted the classic Presbyterian work on Church government by Porteous. It originally published in 1872 under the title: The Government of the Kingdom Of Christ. An Inquiry As To The Scriptural, Invincible, and Historical Position of Presbytery.

The brethren have produced a fine book; the content is exceptional, and the book itself is a well bound hard cover volume of 340 pages, on quality paper. It will last, and it is excellent value.

Porteous divides his material into two main parts. The first is “An Inquiry as to The Essential Scriptural Principles of Church Government” pages 1-108. The second addresses the proposition: “Presbytery – Untenable or Invincible?”

The chapters are mostly only 6-7 pages. At the end of every chapter is a principle. This is a concise statement expressing the truth explained in that chapter. There are also a series of questions that unfold the various aspects of the teaching in each chapter. This means that the book is perfectly suited for use as a tool for instruction in the principles of church government. Here is a means to really strengthen our understanding and practice of Biblical Church Government!