Vital Truths - God Is! He Exists!

There are not that many things about which we really must think, but the existance of God certainly is one. We all need to give attention to this, because even if we deny, ignore, or forget God, that does not get rid of him. He is not an imaginary being – real to some, and not to others. God IS. He doesn’t need us to give him the nod. He is the altogether glorious personal being whose existence is in and of himself. Whether we acknowledge him or not – God exists!

“Seeing is believing!” No, that won’t work. God is a spirit. He is a pure spiritual being of infinite perfections. He cannot be seen, but he can be known. God has revealed himself to us. Creation shows us his eternal divinity and power. Creation isn’t God – it is God’s handiwork which points us to almighty God. Then, in his Word, the Bible, God stoops down to tell us what he is like, and what he requires of us. We can know him. Therefore, there is no excuse for not knowing the living and true God.

Furthermore, God holds us all in a personal relation to himself. We are not the product of evolutionary processes – little gods with no higher authority over us. Certainly not! God is our Creator – he made us and owns us, and we must acknowledge and worship him – alone. God is our Sustainer upon whom we depend for our very being and life – we owe him an ever increasing debt of gratitude. God is our Law-giver – we must humbly obey him. God is our Judge – we must prepare to be judged by him, knowing that the standard will not be man’s opinion, but the unchanging law of God. Make no mistake. God must be reckoned with!

God’s first commandment is, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” God will not be denied. GOD IS!

Rev. C. J. Connors