Vital Truths - What is Right and Wrong?

What is right and wrong? Who can tell? Is there such a thing as morality any more?

Think of the consequences of such uncertainty. Without an unchanging, absolute standard for right and wrong we have no basis for morality. When it comes to right and wrong we have nothing to teach our children. They would grow up without morals, without fear of God or man, without conscience when they do wrong. Furthermore, without such a standard there is no basis for righteous judgment or justice in society. Sadly, that is the situation for many of us. Because we accept no absolute and universal standard of right and wrong, lawlessness and immorality plague our homes and streets, and our judicial system is unable to administer justice and punishment that fits the crime. The moral fabric of our society is unravelling around us. Why? Because we have turned our back upon the moral law.

Contrary to what we may like to think, right and wrong (morality) is NOT determined by public opinion. Nor is it developed by government or the courts. Right and wrong do not evolve or change with the times. God decides what is right and wrong. Morality is determined by almighty God, our sovereign Creator and Law-giver. He established the unchanging, universal standard in the moral law. He has summed up that law in ten commandments. The moral law is the immovable peg to which God anchors morality in all ages and societies. It is the standard by which we must judge right and wrong. It is also the standard by which we must prepare to be judged by God.

We need to know that to break God’s law is to “sin” against God (1 John 3:4). To “decriminalise” and “legalise” what God forbids does not make it right or moral! To do that just shows how immoral we have become. God, his law, and judgment remain untouched and untouchable.

How desperately we need true knowledge of God and the moral law!

Do you know his ten commandments? Do you teach them to your children?

Let us give honest consideration to these things, for our own and our children’s sakes.

Rev C J Connors