Vital Truths - What is wrong with our society?

Do you ever find yourself asking, What is wrong with our society? Why is lawlessness increasing? What ever happened to respect, courtesy, and moral standards? Why are family homes becoming battle grounds, and our streets unsafe at night? And do you ever stop to ask: “Is there a remedy?”

Yes, there is. We have forsaken the living and true God; we must return to Him.

Is it not true that we are abandoning the God of the Christian fathers who founded our nation? We no longer know or believe in him. We deny that His Word – the Bible – is absolute truth. So, most of us never stop to listen to him. We feel no duty to obey his law in the Ten Commandments. We shrug off our conscience’s warning that God holds us personally accountable and that we will answer to him for all our actions.

Consequently, we acknowledge no absolutes. We have no place in our lives for absolute truth. Without God truth becomes a matter of personal opinion. Nor do we have place for absolute right and wrong – for we no longer define morality by the Moral law summed in God’s Ten Commandments. Morality in our society is determined by the conduct of individuals and minorities which the majority will tolerate. Without God we have neither truth nor absolute values to teach our children. We have no foundation upon which to build.

We have replaced God our Creator with ourselves, our opinions, our desires, and our pleasures. We have shifted our society off its foundations and into the sphere of lawlessness and misery.

Now, do we really want that? Is it not time to take a look at the underlying beliefs upon which we are building our lives?

THE great foundational truth for life is this – GOD IS. Think how that one absolute challenges your life at its deepest level!


Rev. Chris Connors