Vital Truths - Where is Truth to be Found?

We have a life to live, children to teach, a society to structure, an eternity after our earthly death for which to prepare – how can we possibly hope to do this without truth to guide us? We need absolute truth – truth so pure and perfectly free from lies and mistakes that we can place our trust in it with complete, unqualified confidence. To whom should we turn?

The one living and true God is God of truth; and he has revealed truth to us in his Word, the Bible. To whom else can we go? God alone possesses all truth, and he alone can reveal the truth to us. The Bible is truth because it is the word of the holy God who is all knowing, and cannot lie. Further, it is absolute truth, because God reveals his truth to mankind by the miracle of direct inspiration. God moved holy men to write exactly what he wanted written. He gathered his written word together and continues to preserve it pure and complete in all ages. The result is that we have GOD’S pure word of truth – to the exclusion of all human confusion or error. The Bible is absolute truth – pure, without mistake, infallible, and completely trustworthy.

In that Word, God confronts us with reality – the truth as it really is. He tells us what we are to believe concerning him. He also tells us what we are, what we are like spiritually and morally, and what he requires of every one of us. God answers our big questions – like, where did I come from, why am I here, why is there so much suffering in the world, how can I be saved from my sins, and what will happen to we when I die?

There are many conflicting “opinions” about such questions – but there is only one TRUTH. Absolute truth – upon which we can place unqualified confidence, to which we may trust our never dying souls – can be found only in God’s Word, the Bible.

Do you read this most precious book?

Have you ever reckoned with the truth?

Rev C. J. Connors