Vital Truths - Who Is Jesus Christ?

He is the only REDEEMER of God’s elect. “In the fullness of time, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of children“,(Gal. 4: 4-5).

Jesus Christ came to save elect sinners, (Eph.1:2-7.) He must save them by redeeming them. To redeem someone means you pay the price required to purchase their life and freedom. This is exactly what Jesus Christ did on the cross of Calvary.

He came to redeem those who are prisoners of their own guilt and depravity, and are justly condemned to die under God’s wrath and curse. He must redeem them, because Divine justice requires that the sinner be punished, (Rom. 6:23.) Salvation can never be at the expense of God’s own righteousness and justice. God requires that his law must be fulfilled and his justice must be satisfied. This is exactly what Jesus Christ, the REDEEMER, came to do!

Jesus fulfilled God’s law in his life of sinless obedience, and he satisfied Divine justice in his atoning death on the cross. To do so, he took all the sins of all his elect upon himself. He took their place as the substitute under the wrath and curse of God. He suffered under God’s wrath upon sin in his own body and soul on the cross. He died. In so doing, he purchased an eternal redemption and an eternal inheritance for all the redeemed, (Heb. 9:12,15). And he rose again, victorious over sin and death – with authority to set the captives free and give them the gift of eternal life.

He has opened the way for God’s grace to flow as free, unmerited favour to unworthy sinners. He has provided a complete righteousness on the basis of which God can freely forgive even the vilest sinner. “We have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins,” (Col. 1:14).

Complete and a free salvation is provided by God in the Redeemer!

Above all other needs, you need to know this Redeemer and God’s way of salvation in him.

Rev. C. J. Connors