Vital Truths - How Do We Stand Related to God?

We stand related to God through his law, the Ten Commandments.

In the first 4 commandments God requires us to behave in a certain way toward him. Then, in commandments 5-10, God requires that we act a certain way toward our fellow man.

5. You must honour your father and mother and all in authority over you, such as your government, police, employer etc. Honour means submission and obedience under God.

6. You may never hate or murder any person, including yourself. God abhors envy, hatred, unjust anger and revenge. You must even love your enemies.

7. You may never have sex with anyone who is not your lawful husband or wife. Pre-marital sex, unfaithfulness in marriage, homosexuality, paedophilia, and all other forms of sexual impurity are an abomination to God. He even forbids impurity of heart – lustful thoughts and desires.

8. You may not steal anything that belongs to another. You must work in a lawful occupation if you would get ahead.

9. All lying is forbidden. You may never bear false witness by lies, slander or gossip.

10. You may not covet (desire in your heart) what belongs to others. You must be content with what you have.

Evil attitudes and actions are hateful and are forbidden, because God requires us actively to love our neighbour as ourself. His law defines what true love is and how it behaves. Respect, seeking the good of others, sexually purity, honesty etc. are good and therefore promote the good of all, whereas disrespect, hate, murder, gratifying sexual lust on others, stealing, lying, etc., are evil, and therefore hurtful to all. To cast off God’s law is to strike at family, sanctity of life, marriage, possession of property, honesty, and happiness. Sin is the first cause of ALL our problems and sorrows.

But more important still, sin is rebellion against GOD. The universal sorrows and death of our human condition are proof that God does punish sinners – and, eternity in either heaven or hell awaits us.

We do not keep God’s law perfectly. Learn, my friends, that your great and urgent need is to be forgiven. You must be ready to meet your Maker!

Rev C J Connors